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PAST COMMANDER JOHNNY JONES,  2004-2005, 1990-1991
    I am very proud to say as a Past Commander of Post 233, I had the dubious distinction of serving when there was "Peace" in the Valley and we were known as the "Friendliest Post" in the area. I was also blessed with a fine hard working slate of officers and many, many faithful volunteers.  Post 233 has the "Jones" family fingerprints all over the place by the hard work of my wife Arlene, daughter Cathleen, and two sons Kenny and Carl during my 2004-05 tenure. This Bio would not be complete without mentioning that I was fortunate enough to have the all time, best ever, Canteen Manager, Pat Moseley Root and the hardest working most talented 2nd. Vice Commander, Ray Root (Col. Ret. U.S. Army. The moral,technical, and financial support of Ron Joy. It also didn't hurt things having Retired Master Chief Mike Holland around every day as my Finance Officer.  A few of the accomplishments that I am most proud of, all accomplished in 2004-05 and little known by many of our members are as follows: The Main Bar that you sit at every day was built entirely by my wife and I, the "Stand Up" bar next to the main bar was built by Arlene and I, the half round bar next to the dance floor was also built by Arlene and I.  Arlene, Cathleen and I completely renovated the "Ladies Meeting" room from under the floor up.  It also included new carpet, wall of fame for current and past officers and a new lighting system with the help of Wilbur Burnett.  Arlene and I also completely renovated the ladies room, and back then it was the clean- est and nicest in the area. With the assistance of Ray Root, Arlene and I also built the "Wall of Fame of current and Past Commanders located on the wall of the main canteen.  My son Ken built the corner display cabinet which Arlene and I stained and outfitted.  My other son, Carl and I completely renovated the rear exit floor and walls and re-built the storage room at that exit. Carl and I also rebuilt the men's bathroom floor and had it tiled.   The main reason we were able to accomplish all of the above projects, is we had a great slate off officers, employees and volunteers.  In other words, I had the time to do things the Post needed most and wasn't bogged down with the work the elected and appointed officers were expected to do.   I know this bio sounds like a lot of back patting, but I am very proud of the accomplish- ments at Post 233 during my tenure as Commander.  Also, I was selected as the 5th. District "Commander of the Year" for 2004-05.  Somebody thought we were doing a good job.  Happily married to Arlene for 58 years, seven children, 14 grand- children and and 8 great grandchildren. 30 Year continuous member of Post 233. For God and Country, Johnny R. Jones, Past Commander